lynn birdwell

Peter Vogt

creative director / tv

It’s a little known fact but the very first person that Peter met on his very first day of his very first big ad agency job was a guy named Lou Congelio, and they’ve been friends and colleagues ever since.

In fact, one of their first collaborations was on a tire and battery promotion for EXXON. Remember when EXXON actually worked on cars and sold stuff like this?

But I digress.

Peter and Lou knew instantly that this was a match made in Heaven. The concepts were inspired. The writing…flawless. And, of course, the storyboards never got produced.

But the TV bug had bitten Peter and before you knew it, Peter started working on Texas Instruments and got to write and produce a bunch of great big-budget TV commercials featuring a well-known comedian we’d prefer not mentioning.

Yes, him.

But again I digress.

Peter began to eat, breathe and sleep TV commercials. Not exactly the kind of fun normal people would look forward to on a Saturday night but Pete was on a different planet. That’s all he wanted to do.


Creating attention-getting TV commercials that got results got to be a regular thing for Pete and soon caught the attention of a big agency in New York. They offered him a job, Pete accepted and started living his dream in the Big Apple!

Ten years in NYC, working at many of the top agencies, gave Peter the chops and courage to begin becoming more involved in the production process. Writing soon morphed into editing then audio mixing, and eventually directing.

His expertise in crafting stories that made telephones ring and cash registers sing soon became standard fare for major national and International clients including Time/Life, the U.S. Postal Service, the Discovery Channel and others.

In fact, it is rumored that on Pete’s watch, approximately five billion Angels got their wings during Peter’s tenure in New York as a Creative. Hey, if that’s what Zu-Zu believes in my favorite Christmas movie “It’s a Wonderful Life,”  who are we to argue.

But again I digress.

Let’s just say, after all these years in the business, Peter has come full circle and now has returned to Houston to join his original writing partner, Lou, with their newest collaboration, Acme Fish.

All we can say is the Angels better start getting measured for their wings.