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Your resource for fun, memorable and highly affordable TV commercials for the residential plumbing, electrical and HVAC trades.

The Look of a Leader!

The difference in the quality between national quality and local-looking advertising can make a real difference in the leads generated for your business. Now you can build your business with high concept, high resolution TV advertising at a fraction of the cost!

National quality! Local cost!

The cost to customize any one commercial from any of the 3 campaigns presented is $2,860. CUSTOMIZATION includes mention of the company’s name in the audio track and visual representation of the logo, phone number and URL address.

Own your TV market!

A Nexstar member can purchase exclusive rights to use a specific campaign in his or her market. A basic SUBSCRIPTION FEE will ensure that no competitor can use that campaign in that market. Each subscription fee, as low as $1,000, is scaled to the size of the TV market in which the member operates. The subscription fee applies separately to each of the 3 campaigns we offer.

To get started, just follow three easy steps:

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  2. Watch the three different advertising campaigns.
  3. Select which campaign you want to use.