TV commercials, videos, media content…talk about blurring the lines between art, advertising and production. Providing content in video form is pretty much why we live and breathe. Does everyone need video content? Yep.

Tootsies – “Dresses” 

Fun, flirty fashion spot for one of our favorite clients. A Classic!

104 KRBE – “Writers”

Houston’s Top-Rated Radio Morning DJ shows why he is #1!

Redstone Golf Course – “Shell Houston Open”

CongelioVB proves anyone can be a golf pro if you play on the right course.

Foleys – “Active Break”

Word Jazz Legend, Ken Nordine, provides the narration and tonality for this fun, summer spot!

NF Foundation – “Reggie”

Reggie Bibbs in a fun public service message guaranteed to make you smile.

104 KRBE – “The Waltons” 

Sam & Maria discuss the lack of racial integration in popular TV show.

Franklin Federal – “Public Service”

A rare, non-scripted, REAL testimony from CEO on the importance of giving.

Houston Proud – “Rendezvous Houston”

Up-close look at composer Jean Michel-Jarre as he discusses his epic sound, light and laser celebration in Houston.

Continental Airlines – “Ballerina”

Houston Ballet sponsor, Continental Airlines, pays tribute to the Arts.

104 KRBE – “Maria”

Sam Malone waxes poetic on the awesomeness of radio co-host, Maria Todd.

Netvest – “Psychiatrist”

You’d have to be nuts not to have a plan when investing online!

US Postal Service – “When is a Stamp a stamp”

One of the most successful TV commercials in the history of the US Postal Service. We think they should make a stamp of it!