Blurring the lines between art, advertising and production.

Unexpected, totally relevant advertising that educates, entertains and sells. Yes, sells.

creative results

It’s not just our promise, it’s our process. We start
with a great idea, execute perfectly, people notice and react favorably.

creative sells

Coincidentally, the more creative your advertising message, the more successful the results. Creative results. It’s that simple.

creative inspires

We want you to feel challenged by our communication, react to it and be inspired by it. We strive to speak intelligently and professionally unless, of course, other talents are better suited.

creative excites

We don’t believe your audience wants to be bored to death so we make sure they experience something worth their time and attention.

creative works

We are a team of experienced advertising professionals with a broad range of marketing communications credentials. Because of our experience, our learning curve is minimal; because we’re entrepreneurial, we move very quickly and deliver a higher level of creative results.

creative methodology

Founder Lou Congelio, known for his breakthrough billboard campaign for the Buc-ee’s highway convenience store account, continues, “Our method is simple: We uncover what makes our client unique and then we tell people about it in a very engaging way that’s intelligent, relevant, and usually surprising.”

creative results

Creative Results is the company’s motto. “It’s our promise, and our process,says Congelio, who believes there is a market in Houston advertising for a higher creative level of advertising that doesn’t shout at you, talk down to you, or insult your intelligence. I think companies want to be proud of their advertising. I know I do.”

creative team

CongelioVB is a Houston advertising agency/production company founded in 2017 by Lou Congelio, writer/creative director; Peter Vogt, creative director/TV; research and marketing strategist, Alan Vera; and Lynn Birdwell, producer/director.

The company concepts, directs and produces all forms of advertising, photography and broadcast projects for its clients. Their combined portfolio of national and global partners provides a literal Who’s Who of Fortune 500 companies.